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Our School Day

  • School starts at 9am (staff are on duty indoors from 8:50am for those pupils who arrive before registration at 9am)
  • Morning Break is from 10:30am to 10:45am
  • Lunch is from 12pm to 1pm
  • Afternoon break for KS1 pupils is from 2:50pm to 3pm
  • The school day ends at 3:30pm


The children are in session for 27.5 hours per week. Of this, 25 hours are spent in lessons and 2.5 hours in assemblies and breaks.


If children stay late for after school activities, please make arrangements to take children home promptly. Children who live in the village or come by private car should not arrive before 8:50am. They should leave immediately after school and not play around the school premises.


The best times to ring school are 8am - 8:50am, 12pm - 1pm or after 3:30pm. It is best to make an appointment to see a member of staff if you need to discuss something - you will always be given one at the earliest convenient time.